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  • American Company Tesla Motors

    Named for the unforgettable Nicola Tesla, Tesla Motors is an American company run by Elon Musk. The company’s focus is on creating electric cars that people would be excited about. The first car that they launched was a roadster, an electric car built like a sports car. Considered the creator of the first fully-electric luxury car, Tesla Motors is innovative and is like a company from the future. The amount of research and development that goes into the creations that have come out of Tesla is astounding, requiring hours of work from some of the brightest minds of our times.


    A calculator, pen, and financial statement.

    The amount of money that goes into research and development for Tesla would shock most people. The amount was only (I say “only” very lightly) $93 million for the year of 2010, but by 2014, the annual cost for research was $464.7 million. But the company obviously can afford it and, considering the high price of their vehicles, the research costs are being recouped in the sale price of a Tesla vehicle.


    urlThe company does not shun away people who want to provide ideas to them for new concepts or theories to create the most state-of-the-art electronic technology. Tesla has been working with Panasonic in a partnership for battery research and development. Since Tesla works in electric batteries too, this is a large part of the company’s income and creation. In their partnership, it was a $1 billion investment that was paid out over three years for lithium-ion cell research and production.

    I’m sure you are wondering how one company could spend that much money on research. The amount itself is pretty unfathomable to anyone who is not a millionaire. Well, think of it this way. Prior to Tesla’s electric cars entering the scene, electric cars were known to have far less power than a gas-powered engine. This is incredibly off putting to drivers all over the world. While we have become more aware of the consequences of having gas-powered vehicles, most people are still unwilling to surrender the power and speed they receive from a gas-powered car. Enter Tesla. In providing a car that had all the power of a gas engine and even more speed than a standard car, Tesla made electric cars sexy.

    So all of this millions of dollars in research money is actually going toward creating the most amazing features of any car in the entire world, but putting them into a sleek and powerful electric car. The car cannot be broken into if the driver is not present. With a completely computerized system, the car will not function unless the driver is there. The handles sit flesh against the door, so no one could even attempt to open it when it’s locked. Combine that with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds and you have a car that everyone wants. This is where the research money is going. They are bringing us rechargeable cars that have the most luxurious features in the world and the greatest minds are working on them.

    And while the price of a Tesla is far beyond what most people could dream of affording, Tesla is actually going to bring out a car that is under $40,000. Yes, that is still a lot, but it is getting closer to being something people can actually afford to own.


    urlIn 2015, the first case of hacking into a Tesla became a real problem. The researchers were able to hack into a Tesla and completely take control of the vehicle. In order to hack the car, the researchers had to have physical contact with the car, but were still able to break in. In order to correct this trouble, Tesla created a security update for the Model S. There had been six flaws that the researchers had been able to take advantage of in order to break inside of the car.

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